Getting started with Nokia Notifications

The Nokia Notifications API makes it easy to add real-time push notifications to your apps for the Nokia Asha software platform. Using Nokia Notification enables to to offer your users up to date information and content in a network- and battery-efficient way. To add Nokia Notifications to your apps you make use of:

  • The Nokia Notifications Client API — added to your apps this API enables you apps to register for and read notifications sent from the notification service.
  • The Nokia Notifications Service API (REST API) — enables your web service to send notifications through the Nokia Notifications service to individual phones where they can be read by your apps.

The Nokia Notifications API is included in the Nokia Asha SDK and can be used from the Nokia IDE for Java ME, Eclipse, NetBeans, and other Java IDEs.

Watch this video to see how to get started with Nokia Notifications Client API in your Nokia Asha platform apps

More information about developing apps with Nokia Notifications in the Java Developer’s Library ›

Note: If you want to make notification-enabled Java apps for Series 40 6th Editions and Series 40 Developer Platforms 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, please contact Notification Support via email at