Nokia Store

Nokia Publish is the quick and easy way to distribute, manage and monetise your apps, games and content in the Nokia Store. It gives you easy access to a single sales channel that reaches out and connects with millions of Nokia users around the world.

What’s more, there are a host of benefits to being a Nokia Store publisher - from monetising your apps through the Nokia-provided billing system, to a generating a greater revenue share with both credit-card and operator billing.

Using the Nokia Publish site delivers a fast time to market. Under-pinning all this is a clear quality-assurance procedure that means when your app goes live on the Nokia Store it’s not only delivering an amazing experience for the end-user but also generating the best possible exposure and revenue for you.

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Nokia Store by the numbers

The Nokia Store is a vibrant community made up of developers and end-users that reaches across more than 200 countries and is rapidly growing.

Here is an overview of the benefits of being a Nokia Store Publisher:

Ready to publish to the Nokia Store?

When it comes to getting your apps and content onto the Nokia Store it couldn’t be simpler. We’ve turned the whole procedure into a quick six-step guide. All you have to do is create, test and package your app and then follow the steps to adding your apps to the Nokia Store:

Once your app has passed the necessary QA approval it will be pushed live to the Nokia Store content servers on a scheduled basis. You will then be able to view daily reports on downloads, sales, and estimated revenue using your Nokia Publish account.

The great news is, once you’ve accumulated more than 100€ in revenue you will begin receiving monthly payments based on the success of your app in the Nokia Store.