About Featured Discussion Board Posts

By Jen Jobart

June 14, 2013   Comments

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Every week the Nokia Developer discussion board moderators select a particularly interesting or informative question from the discussion boards, and promote it to the developer community. The featured post is not necessarily the “best” question you’ll see on the discussion boards in a week, but it will be one that we think you’ll find useful.

We try to pick posts that show genuine problems, and problems that are interesting to a broad range of developers. We also check to make sure that discussion follows our Community Standards and Participation Guidelines.

You can help! If a thread is particularly useful to you, give it a high rating using the “Rate This Thread” button at the top of the thread. We will pay particular attention to highly-rated threads during our selection. Note that ratings aren’t visible until at least two people have rated a thread, so if you can, get someone else on the thread to rate it too.

If you would like to flag a thread to the moderation team, you can do so using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include a link to the thread you’re referring to.