Can I save video to CameraRoll? (Featured Discussion)

By João Cardoso

July 8, 2014   Comments

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The Featured Discussion this week is Can I save video to CameraRoll?. The discussion was started by concretor over one year ago, but became active again last week. The issue that was first addressed has new developments with the release of Windows Phone 8.1.

With Windows Phone 8 and earlier, access to the camera roll and anything to do with video was very limited from an SDK point of view. In fact the same applies to the file system in general. But the new SDK for 8.1 took down a lot of the existing barriers and brought an impressive set of new features in this area.

kelvin1945 found the original thread and re-used it to ask if this was still a limitation with the release of Windows Phone 8. As theothernt replied, this is no longer a limitation with Windows Phone 8. You can now save movies to the camera roll with no issues. There is in fact a sample app for that as Neil pointed out.

Kelvin posted a working sample of what he was trying to accomplish.

For more information from a developer perspective, head over to MSDN and take a look at the article What’s New in Windows Phone 8.1.

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