Congratulations to Petri Bäckström, Discussion Board Poster of the Month for July 2014

By Jen Jobart

August 7, 2014   Comments


Petri Bäckström has been selected as the Discussion Board Poster of the Month for July 2014.

Petri has been helping developers in this discussion board on the Nokia Platforms for over a decade now. His history with Nokia includes being an employee, a Developer Champion, a Discussion Board Moderator and a proactive developer. He has a cumulative average post count that very few members of the Nokia Developer Community manage to maintain over such a long period of time. He is regarded as an expert in Nokia legacy technology including minute details of devices, device chipsets, and services over multiple platforms supported by Nokia over the years. We are fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable as Petri among our ranks.

The Nokia Developer Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is based on the quality, camaraderie and to some extent the quantity of responses as judged by the Nokia Developer Moderators. Along with the respect and gratitude of peers, the Poster of the Month will receive a high end Lumia and 2000 DVLUP XP!

Please join us in congratulating Petri for his contributions here.