DVLUP XP/points for community activities

By hamishwillee

December 16, 2013   Comments

DVLUP provides two types of awards: “Experience Points” (XP), which affect the ranking of a developer on the leader boards, and “Points” which can be redeemed for great rewards (including devices, access to free or reduced cost tools, etc.).

From this week onwards, Nokia Developer contributors that win the following community promotions will get DVLUP XP/points to reflect their expertise and contribution to the community:

We’re really pleased to be able to tangibly acknowledge community contributions on DVLUP. Wiki and discussion board contributors do more than just create their own great apps, but also help others to excel by providing great technical resources and answers to their technical questions. The level of XP/points has been selected to reflect the expertise required to win, and the generosity of the winner in sharing their knowledge with the community.

*COM and POM winners usually get sent a high-end Lumia device. In future and in some circumstances this may be replaced by the equivalent in DVLUP points where appropriate, and at the discretion of Nokia Developer Community management.

Note the following caveats:

  • All prizing is at the discretion of Nokia Developer community management, and may be removed or changed at any time.
  • The winner must have a valid DVLUP account in order to be awarded the XP/points.
  • We will not “hold” points for people for more than a week or “backdate” points for previous winners
  • Prizes will only be awarded to active members of the Nokia Developer community (this is relevant if an older article is featured, and the author is no longer contributing).
  • No “double dipping”. If an article already won DVLUP points/XP in a competition (or otherwise) then it won’t get additional points if it is featured.