How to apply list of custom base effects at one time?

By João Cardoso

June 3, 2014   Comments

windows-phone, imaging, featured-discussion-board-post

The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is How to apply list of custom base effects at one time?, started by Venu Kumar.

The question is about using the Nokia Imaging SDK, and applying multiple custom effects to an image.

As the discussion evolved, it turned out that Venu needed to add custom effects and filters, and furthermore implement a undo feature.

Yan Verdavaine proposed using a Pipeline Manager. Yan had actually created a project that makes it possible to use IFilter, ICustomFilter, CustomFilterBase, SDK effect, ICustomEffect and CustomEffectBase, and even had an undo feature!

Yan’s project has been added to the Nokia Developer Community Projects initiative on Github in the wp8-sample\imaging folder.

This thread was selected not only due to the technical merit of the solution, but also as a good example on how community interaction may result in a solution that we all can take advantage of.

If this topic interests you, check out our completely community-run Original Imaging Effect Wiki Challenge. It builds on the frameworks that Yan and a couple of other Nokia community members have created, and lets you create and contribute original imaging effects. All qualifying contributions win!

See About Featured Discussion Board Posts for more information, and keep those interesting questions coming - that’s what a community is all about!