Localization using a PCL (Featured DiBo Post)

By João Cardoso

March 12, 2014   Comments

The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is Localization using a PCL, started by leemcpherson.

One of the most important things you can do to promote your app is to localize it to each main market. Localized apps tend to have better reviews, more downloads. Just the fact that it is localized may be enough to get more people to at least try it.

As we move forward with the Windows and Windows Phone ecosystem, there is an increased interest in sharing code between Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.

Lee wants to use a PCL (Portable Class Library) to share the localization resources. By doing so he can reuse a good deal of the localization work between the Windows Phone app and the Windows Store version in the implementation.

The solution is simple and well documented on the thread. It requires a file copy operation and adding the file as a link to the project.

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