Lumia 920, GDR3 and HTML5 @-ms-viewports device-width / device-height issues (Featured Dibo Post)

By joaocardoso

January 14, 2014   Comments

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The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is Lumia 920, GDR3 and HTML5 @-ms-viewport’s device-width / device-height issues, by Lee McPherson.

Lee’s question is about a topic that may not be too obvious, especially if you are not creating apps using HTML and the webbrowser control. In this particular case Lee is using cordova and was having issues maintaining the layout of his app independent of the device resolution. In fact, he was experiencing different behaviors between the emulators and the physical device.

After some references from other community members to similar problems Lee came up with a solution that involved both HTML and C#, and shared with us the code. He then went that extra mile and updated his solution to support 1080p.

Keep those interesting questions coming! That’s what a community is all about!

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