Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 Winner – Maxime Millet

By hamishwillee

January 6, 2014   Comments


The winners of the Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 are super-stars of the Nokia Developer Community. This is the fourth article in a short series about our winners and their entries.

Maxime Millet

Maxime Millet Maxime Millet (MaMi) won for his article Tiltshift effect using Nokia Imaging SDK.

This article explains how to combine a number of filters from the Nokia Imaging SDK to peform Miniature faking (“the Tilt-shift effect”). This effect makes pictures of real scenes look like pictures of “miniatures”, direct from your phone.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a software programmer, specialized in mobile development. At the beginning of 2013 I got the opportunity to start a career as freelance, creating games and apps mainly for Microsoft and Nokia platforms. I took it and I have no regrets at all.

So far I’m really happy with the result of my creations, even if I’m mainly targeting the French market, I’m now close to 450k downloads, not enough to buy an overpriced sports car yet, but I hope 2014 will change this situation!

Also since March I’m proud to be a Nokia Developer Champion.

Q. How long have you been developing for Nokia platforms?

I’m working on Nokia platforms since 2006. At this time I was porting games on ridiculously underpowered handsets like the 7210 where I had to make a game fit in 64kb of memory. I’m more than happy that this period is over, and most of the time I do not even have to worry about performance at all now.

Since 2010 I switched to Windows Phone platform and I’ve been enjoying developing almost exclusively on it since then. Mostly thanks to the great set of tools.

Q. Have you developed many apps for Nokia devices?

I’ve made five games and one app for myself so far and around nine others for various customers as a freelance developer or during my previous jobs. I’m still learning a lot of things with each one, mainly because I learnt everything by myself.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your competition entry?

I’m not really experienced with image processing development so at first I thought that this competition was not for me. Then I installed and played a little with the Nokia Imaging SDK and realized I could easily mix various effects to create something new.

I remembered seeing this nice tilt-shift effect and trying to reproduce it with imaging software few years ago, and thought that it could be done using tools provided by the SDK.

Q. Any final thoughts?

I really appreciate what Nokia is doing with the platform and hope it will continue this way. With the tools and various programs such as DVLUP which is awesome.

I’d like also to thanks people at Nokia France who are doing a great job too, providing developers with help and support.

Finally a very big thanks to Yan Verdavaine, another Nokia Developer Champion, who promoted the challenge on the French developer community Facebook page, which gave me the opportunity to participate.