Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 Winner – Petar Kovacevic

By hamishwillee

January 8, 2014   Comments

The winners of the Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 are super-stars of the Nokia Developer Community. This is the fifth article in a short series about our winners and their entries.

[caption width=”78” align=”alignright”] Petar Kovačević[/caption]

Petar Kovačević (pkovacevic) won for his article Creating a beautiful mosaic effect using the Nokia Imaging SDK.

This article shows how to create a simple mosaic effect using the Nokia Imaging SDK.

The technique first arranges arbitrary input tile images in a grid, and then blends the resulting image with the “main” image. The resulting photomosaic looks like the original image from a distance, but the individual images become visible at higher magnification. Note that this is not a “true” mosaic where tiles are colour-matched to each position in the original image. However the results are very similar, and it is much less computationally intensive.

[caption width=”385” align=”aligncenter”] Mosaic Effect created using the Nokia Imaging SDK[/caption]

Q. Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a student on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, currently doing my masters in Software Engineering and Information Systems. I’m part of Microsoft Student Partners program where I work on promoting Microsoft technologies to the academic population by holding lectures and workshops.

Parallel with my academic education, I work as a software developer in a company called Axilis where I gathered crucial experience in design and development of wide range of applications, including Windows Phone, ASP.NET, cloud-based solutions with Windows Azure, Windows Store Applications, WPF and many others.

Q. How long have you been developing for Nokia platforms?

I’ve started researching Windows Phone platform about two years ago. My college project back then had a Windows Phone 7 client application where I was introduced to the concepts. I’ve taken things more seriously since Windows Phone 8 was released.

Q. Have you developed many apps for Nokia devices?

I’ve worked on several Windows Phone projects in the past, but I haven’t published anything on my own yet. I have some pending projects that I hope to finish soon.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your competition entry?

This was my first time competing like this, but I knew I had to do something interesting to win. I use a public transportation to get to work, and depending on the traffic, it takes me about an hour to get there. It’s a long time to spend thinking about the different ideas. I recognized a potential in creating effects that could take and process multiple image sources, it seemed like something that wasn’t introduced in the SDK before and would be pretty interesting to develop.

My first idea was to create an ordinary effect that could create one of those 2x2 image grids, where one picture would be displayed in a four different ways. It fast evolved into idea where you could define your own grid of arbitrary size and multiple images as building blocks. Mosaic effect came to mind later, just to spice things little bit more and to add the complexity and purpose to the article.

Q. Any final thoughts?

Nokia does a really great job in promoting Windows Phone platform. You can’t think about Windows Phone today without thinking about Nokia Lumia series. Also, with different competitions and reward systems Nokia motivates developers to start learning and developing. I’m really excited to be a part of this community and I believe Windows Phone will soon realize its true potential.