Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 Winner – Toni Petrina

By BuildNokia

January 8, 2014   Comments

Toni PetrinaThe winners of the Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 are super-stars of the Nokia Developer Community. This is the seventh article in a short series about our winners and their entries.

Toni Petrina won for his article Advanced Techniques for Big UI.  It explained some interesting methods for adapting a UI based on the resolution of the target device. We especially liked Toni’s final solution, which uses XAML to select different assets to display in a UI, depending on the detected device resolution.

Toni was also a winner in the Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3 for his article Partial filter application and blending with Nokia Imaging SDK. This article presents an image editing application that can be used to apply a filter to a selected area of an image.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself

I am a software developer currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. I work for a company called Ekobit on various different technologies. I am also finalizing my company that will create Windows Phone applications, games and services. That is in the long run for this year.

In the past two years Windows Phone grabbed my attention as a platform and I began creating small applications and games for it. Since I am a Microsoft MVP for C#, working with Windows Phone is quite natural for me and I absolutely love it.

I regularly blog about developing for Windows Phoneanswer forum questions, speak at conferences and promote it whenever possible.

Q. How long have you been developing for Nokia platforms?

About two and a half years. Once I heard that Nokia will bring Windows Phone devices to the market, I started developing for Windows Phone.

Q. Have you developed many applications for Nokia devices?

I have successfully completed three applications. I recently rebuilt an application that was previously published and I am working on a couple of NDA projects.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your competition entry?

The idea came when I first held a Lumia 1520 in my hands. The applications seemed kind of…empty. This was because everything was stretched out, but content hadn’t been adapted at all. Instead of adapting the layout, increasing the amount of text shown, little effort was made in this regard. I thought that the major problem for application developers is lack of tooling or guidance about how to actually create special designs for big screens. Thus the main idea for the article was born - dynamically replace application pages with special ones tailored for large screens.

As mentioned in the article, this technique can be used for other purposes. One could have special screens for devices with low RAM, or this could be used to differentiate between trial and paid screens. Another idea is to have different “skins” that can be pre-selected. Cramming everything into one page and then disabling/enabling it at runtime is both a development problem and a testing problem. I am sure that someone else might also apply this technique in other scenarios.

Q. Any final thoughts?

I liked quite a lot of the other entries in the competition. Some ideas were quite original, like adding a filter to preview video, or purely technical articles about writing our own filters.Tomas had a really cool article that aims to solve a new problem for Windows Phone - handling a variety of screens and resolutions in a single app.