Nokia Imaging SDK becomes even better with the Community Custom Effect Library

By hamishwillee

February 19, 2014   Comments

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The Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0 lets developers create custom effects and add them to the image-processing pipeline. While the SDK’s 50+ inbuilt filters can be grouped in virtually endless combinations and permutations, custom effects bring the ability to create whole new “classes” of image processing filters and tools.

Taking advantage of this new functionality, community members Rob Kachmar and Engin Kırmacı have started to build a library of Nokia Imaging SDK Custom Effects containing both reproductions of the standard filters in the SDK (for “educational” purposes) and new filters that aren’t in the SDK. The filters have all been made available under the permissive open source MIT license and you are welcome to learn from them or use them in your own projects.

You can view the current set of filters in the Custom Effect Gallery or by using the Test Apps for Viewing Custom Filters. I particularly like the PixelationEffect and PyschedelicEffect!

Pixelate Psychedelic Colour Adust Vertical Mirror

The library is still in its infancy but already has over 10 custom effects written in C#. Engin is currently adding filters: CannyEdgeDetection, OtsuThresholdEffect, SobelEdgeDetection, BlobCounter, HistogramCalculation, QuadTransformation, and some helper classes for blob shape detection from Aforge. As some of these effects are computationally intensive, in the coming months he also plans to deliver some of these filters as C++ Custom Effects.

We’d love to see more community members join this project and contribute other useful and interesting custom effects. If you’re interested in helping, or have a custom effect you’d like to share, the article Custom Filter QuickStart shows how to get up and running.

Kudos to Rob and Engin for kicking off the project, and contributing such excellent filters!