Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1 a resounding success

By Jen Jobart

May 8, 2014   Comments

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The Nokia X Wiki Challenge is now complete. It was a resounding success!

Nokia X was a brand new platform when this Challenge was announced, and people were just diving in to play with it. Despite the newness, all of the Challenge competitors came up with creative and useful articles about how to develop for the Nokia X platform.

The winning articles are listed below. There was a range of useful articles; from how to share development efforts over multiple platforms, to how to use third-party tools to ease development, to tricks for developers new to Nokia X. Each of our winners will receive a brand new Nokia X device. They will be some of the first people in their countries to own this device!

But aside from our winners, there were many other great articles. If you’re developing for Nokia X, check out the Wiki Challenge Page for a complete list of entries. In recognition of the hard work it takes to create a good wiki article, we will be awarding authors of all qualifying submissions with 200 DVLUP Points and XP.

Without further ado, here are our Nokia X Wiki Challenge Winners:

Please join me in congratulating all our competitors, and especially our winners, here!