Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8 (Featured Article – Windows Phone)

By kiran10182

February 10, 2014   Comments

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This week’s featured article is Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8, authored by shyoty.

The article first shows how easy it is to integrate the library’s Optical Reader Task into a Windows Phone 8 app and read QR and other barcodes.

Developers can use the task “as is” for most decoding needs. By default the Optical Reader Library uses the Nokia Imaging SDK for enhancing the image, prior to decoding it using ZXing. It has been optimised to read the supported barcodes in normal lighting conditions, across the different camera capabilities used in Nokia Lumia devices.

The article then shows how to extend the library to support different processors for image enhancement and decoding. Our hope is that the community will embrace and extend the library. For example, the community might replace ZXing with the Telerik BarcodeDecoder class or some other decoder (perhaps even for OCR?). Developers could also experiment with different filters for normalizing and enhancing the image prior to decoding.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on both using the Optical Reader Task, and what changes, improvements, and additional functionality you’d like to see in the Library. Please provide this on the Nokia Developer Discussion Boards. As always, you can also extend the wiki article directly.

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