Pros and Cons of specifying ID_CAP_DEVICE_ID?

By joaocardoso

January 23, 2014   Comments

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roschler’s question is about the effect that the usage of the ID_CAP_DEVICE_ID capability may have on a user’s decision about whether to use an app. This capability is commonly used by analytics services, such as Google.

Capabilities are a fundamental core feature of the Windows Phone platform. They allow you to specify what access rights your app needs. If you use a feature and do not set the appropriate capability for your app to function, your certification process will fail and your app will not work.

When a user installs an app, the market will let the user know which capabilities the app is requesting access to. Sometimes this may have a negative impact on your app downloads; especially if the capabilities your app is requesting do not make sense to the user in context with the app description. Feedback from other developers stated that this particular capability is not problematic.

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