Routing algorithm (Featured Dibo Post)

By João Cardoso

February 12, 2014   Comments

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The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is Routing algorithm, started by Depechie.

The question is about how to calculate the shortest route from a starting point to a final destination, taking in consideration a set of intermediate push-pins selected by the user.

As the discussion progressed Depechie explained that he was trying to implement something similar to what can be found on this website. A user selects a starting point. Then, based on the next points the user selects, the app must calculate the best route.

This type of route calculation may not be suitable to do on a phone, so a possible proposed solution is to make that type of calculation on a server and have the Windows Phone app render the final result.

While the thread has not yet concluded, we consider this to be a very interesting discussion that deserved the Featured Discussion Board Post of the week.

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