Semantic Zoom (Featured Article – Windows Phone)

By croozeus

March 3, 2014   Comments

windows-phone-8, featured-article

This week’s featured article in Windows Phone category is Semantic Zoom in Windows Phone 8 by dtimotei.

This article presents a new UI control which can be used to show structured information on high resolution Windows Phone 8 devices.

The functionality of the control is simple, yet very powerful. The control has two views: a zoomed in view and a zoomed out view, which are mutually exclusive. Usually the long list in placed in the default view. When we pinch the view to scale it in, the zoomed out view with the overview is shown. The control also provides a fluid animation when switching between the two views.

The article author, dtimotei, will receive DVLUP 500XP + 250 points for the article being featured. Congratulations, dtimotei!

Read the article and use the Semantic Zoom control in your apps!