Switching from Trial/Paid-Version to In-App Purchases on Windows Phone (Featured Dibo Post)

By João Cardoso

February 18, 2014   Comments

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The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is Switching from Trial/Paid-Version to In-App Purchases, started by madridistalex.

madridistalex is currently using the Trial/Buy model to sell his app, but wants to migrate his app to use the Free/In-App purchase (IAP) model.

The Free/IAP model is becoming an increasingly popular business model because free apps gets much better download numbers than paid versions. By making the app free, madridistalex hopes to increase the number of users that will use his app, and ultimately the sales.

The issue is that there is no clear path to move from the try/buy business model to IAP. For example, what to do with users that already paid for the app? How to get that status and grant the user access to the extra functionality on the new version of the app with IAP so he/she will not have to pay for the app again? There is no easy solution.

Currently there is no good solution to the problem, though there are some workarounds that may be appropriate in particular cases. For that reason influencer created a UserVoice entry to request this as a feature. If you agree that this an important feature to have, please vote here: Migrate paid app to free app with in-app-purchase.

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