Transfer an Image with NFC (Featured Article – Windows Phone)

By kiran10182

February 26, 2014   Comments

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This week’s featured article in the Windows Phone category is Transfer an Image with NFC by Rob.Kachmar.

NFC is one of the hottest new technologies that continues to rise in popularity. It’s time to ride the wave and add the functionality to your app. Give it that extra differentiator and make it shine among the crowd.

The two most basic things you want to do with NFC are transferring text and images. The NFC Talk project from Nokia does a great job of working through all the necessary plumbing it takes to get up and running with NFC, but it stops at simple text transfers. In this article author had made a few adjustments to add the power of image transfers.

The article author, Rob.Kachmar, will receive NFC Talk for the article being featured. Congratulations, Rob.Kachmar!

Read the article and let us know how it was helpful.