Why HERE Maps shows a blank screen In Android? (Featured discussion)

By João Cardoso

March 20, 2014   Comments

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The Featured Discussion this week is Why HereMap shows blank screen In Android?, started by appu bala.

The issue is related to the usage of HERE Maps on the Nokia-X Android emulator. appu bala was experiencing a blank screen when trying to use HERE Maps.

This type of problem may not be simple to figure out at first. You should always check for the error log files that will provide valuable information on what’s going on.

The problem was related to the way the emulator was configured. Targeting the proper API level, adding some space for storage on the SD card, and fixing the references solved the issue.

The HERE Maps API requires API Level 14 or higher. You also need to have storage space assigned to the SD card. In this case 200MB was suggested.