Asha competition winners announced

By pkrass

December 23, 2013   Comments

The latest Nokia Asha phones are building up a head of steam in markets worldwide and generating enthusiasm among developer around the globe. How do we know? From the great entries to our recent webinar and wiki competitions.

Spreading the word: Stack Five

The Nokia Asha webinar series, which ran over the second half of the 2013, attracted hundreds of developers and saw the exchange of knowledge from our experts to an enthusiastic audience. Countless technical and business questions were answered, and our YouTube channel was populated with hours of great training.

A series of competitions were run in parallel with the webinars, and we are pleased to announce the winners of one competition, Stack Five. In this competition, we asked developers who had attended at least five webinars to write a blog about their learning experiences. Each winner will receive a prize pack containing a Nokia Asha 501, a Nokia 301, a Nokia Asha 210, Nokia DC-16 USB charger and Nokia Asha t-shirt. And the winners are (obligatory drum roll, please!):

Arun Balaji wrote passionately in his blog about the opportunity Nokia Asha has opened up to him, enabling this solo developer to become a true app entrepreneur. Well done, Arun! We hope to see more of your apps coming to Asha.

Richard Brown wrote a well-rounded blog post, opening with a succinct introduction to the Nokia Asha software platform. Richard then described how the webinar sessions worked and how they benefited him, ‘making it more interactive and approachable to learn and keep up with the platform’.

Sandeep Sharma wrote about the content of several webinar sessions. He found attending Nokia webinars ‘a great experience and fun’.

Luis Razo’s blog looked at several webinar sessions, reviewed the content, and included some great visuals. We particularly liked the simple but effective animation to show how Jumping Man is played.

We will bring you more details on the other webinar competitions in 2014, so stay tuned.

Sharing the knowledge: Nokia Asha Wiki Competition

With aging populations in many countries, heath care is a hot topic. In our Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2, we invited developers write a great wiki article about creating a heath care-oriented app. To help, we were privileged to host a webinar presented by two experts in medical technology: Oleg Medvedev, chair of the Department of Pharmacology at Moscow State University, and a teacher of medical informatics and telemedicine; and Ilya Paramonov, head of the FRUCT laboratory at Yaroslavl State University, where he conducts research in applied mathematics in medicine, mobile systems, software engineering, and smart spaces.

We had some great submission, but five stood out. These winners will be receive a Nokia Asha 501 phone, Coloud Knock for Nokia headphones, a Nokia Portable USB Charger, and (for those in DVLUP-supported countries) DVLUP XP points. Once again, let’s strike up the percussion, sound out that drum roll, and congratulate:

Jappit for his article Building a communication system for visually impaired users on the Asha software platform. Covering quite a wide range of technology components, Jappit looks in detail at a solution to help the visually impaired: an RSVP reader, text to speech, and audio/vibra notifications. There could be a great app on its way; he provides the full code, so you can build the app yourself, and code snippets that you could easily use in your own apps.

Shai.i is our only winner who had two articles that caught the judges’ attention. In an article entitled Building a health app for the developing world, Shai.i looks at how an app might provide nutrition information for pregnant women in developing countries. His other article, Creating Emergency alerting app (‘Dead man switches’) looks at the code needed to create a medical-alert app.

Igordsm addresses a common problem for everyone with a range of medication to take in his article, Using the PIM API to create Medication Reminders. We liked the look of the app that makes good use of the new Nokia Asha UI.

While arunkam treads similar ground to Jappit, his article, Creating an RSVP Reader for Asha devices, takes a twist on the UX and makes good use of the accelerometer control.

It’s been a great year for Asha. And the enthusiasm shown by our developers through webinar attendance and competition entries suggests that 2014 will be even better. Happy holidays! We look forward to a 2014 full of Asha.