Congratulations to Nokia Create Master & Do Good Mission winners

By kevinSharp

January 14, 2014   Comments

createWhat a great way to kick off 2014; we just completed our review of Nokia Create contest entries. We extend a big “Thank You” to everyone who participated, especially the developers from 76 countries around the world who updated or created new apps and submitted them to the contest. They were all competing for a Grand Prize (click here to find out who won) and a number of prizes that will help them and their apps stand out, including trips to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, promotions, devices, DVLUP XPs and much more.

Our judges looked for uniqueness, quality, functionality and likelihood of apps having consumer appeal.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce our final winners:

Image & Photo Master Mission

Facebook Cover Cam took first prize in the Image & Photo Master Mission. We liked the way the developer Tharaka Wijebandara from Sri Lanka made it easy to take a picture with your Windows Phone and create a unified Facebook profile picture and page banner.

Runners up in alphabetical order include:

NFC Master Mission

We liked Imagine Cam’s innovative use of NFC tags to quickly configure all settings for your photos including focus mode, filters, white balance, and everything else you expect in an advanced camera app for Nokia Lumia phones. Congratulations to developer Phạm Phương Nguyên from Vietnam

Here are the NFC runners up:

Maps & Places Master Mission

Track Runner impressed us in the Maps & Places Mission for its innovative use of mapping to satisfy the specific desires of runners. Using precision GPS, Track Runner knows when a user is running laps and automatically calculates lap time and splits. Congratulations to winning developer AppCauldron from the US.

Runners up include:

Music Master Mission

Extreme Music pack lots of functionality in this music player powered by Nokia MixRadio API. We like the way developer Heshan Pathirana from Sri Lanka keeps the initial view of the app simple for consumers and allows them to discover new features as they progress.

Check out these runners up:

Cross-8 Master Mission

With To-Do Prime, developer Vinod Shinde from the US tackled a common task and executed it well. We liked the way the app synchronizes between your Windows Phone 8 phone and your Windows 8 desktop or tablet.

Here are the runners up:

Fun & Games Master Mission

In Trouserheart, you’re a King armed with a sword chasing through your castle grounds to catch the troll who stole your trousers. Developer 10tons Ltd from Finland took top honors in this mission for the creative design of the game, how fun it was to play, and because they made us laugh when we played it.

Work Life Master Mission

We all have too many passwords to manage, and every day we hear news reports of what happens when we don’t manage them well. Enpass Password Manager & Information Keeper solves this key problem, securely storing all your passwords, and even generating secure passwords for you if desired.  We like design of this app from Sinew Software Systems of India and the way it helps consumers generate and manage more secure passwords.

Here are the runners up:

Freestyle Master Mission

We found Stylist a great way to see how you might look in a new hairstyle. We like the way developer Ali Daneshmandi from Canada makes it easy to take a selfie and scale it to see how different hair styles would look like on your head. It’s a good way to explore styles for yourself, and a great way to communicate with your stylist something new you want to try. Professional hairstylists we demonstrated the app to wanted to download it immediately.

Here are the runners up:

Do Good Mission

In the Do Good Mission, which we ran in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), we challenged developers to create apps that make a difference in the lives of people with low vision. We were thrilled with The Funnies from Yowlu SCP in Spain. The Funnies is a game designed to be accessible to kids with visual impairment. It’s fun, the graphics are engaging, and it doesn’t dwell on the impairment.

Here are the runners up. All of them have tons of potential to help people with low vision. We are excited to see how they will be taken to the next level thanks to the Design Consultation that they are also being awarded:

Congratulations to all the winning developers! All the apps are either free or available as a Try and Buy, so check them out. And if you’ll be at Mobile World Congress, stop by the Nokia App Developer Conference and meet the winners.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the winning developers in Barcelona and working with them to help them and their apps succeed. Thanks again to all who participated – we’re excited to see what you create in 2014!