Countdown to Mobile World Congress: Meet the developers of Track Runner, To-Do Prime and Stylist

By Kevin Sharp

February 7, 2014   Comments

As part of their prize packages for winning Nokia Create Master Missions, we’re flying developers from around the world to join us at Mobile World Congress from 24 – 27 February.

Every Friday over the coming weeks leading up to the event we will feature these award-winning developers. If you can join us in Barcelona, make sure you come say “Hi” to them at the Community Showcase area at Nokia Developer Day .

This week we’re starting with the winners flying over from North America:

Developer VinodShinde, originally from India but based in Mason, Ohio, tackled a common task and executed it well with To-Do Prime, winner of the Cross-8 Master Mission. We liked the way the app synchronizes between your Windows Phone 8 phone and your Windows 8 desktop or tablet.

Vinod describes himself as a Dad, a husband and a C# .Net developer. He began developing 13 years ago when he was in India and had an opportunity to automate a data entry process. He works as a .Net Consultant and builds apps in his free time.

“Free time” was quite scarce in Vinod’s life when he developed his winning app. This is the first app we’ve encountered that was almost entirely developed in a car pool lane. Vinod’s wife was studying for her Masters degree and the two of them commuted 75 miles (120 km) each way for work. They were both extremely busy and neededa way to keep track of chores, bills and lots of other details of their hectic life. When they looked at the apps in the market there were none that really met their criteria, so he decided to build one.Vinod tells us 90% of the development of this app was done in the car’s backseat while commuting daily to work. We can’t wait to meet him in Barcelona and find out more about backseat development.

Track Runner from App Cauldron impressed us in the Maps & Places Mission for its innovative use of mapping to satisfy the specific desires of runners. Using precision GPS, Track Runner knows when a user is running laps and automatically calculates lap time and splits.

You’ll forget every stereotype of the “typical” app developer when you meet Sarah Fegert, App Cauldron’s founder. Based in Boston, she’s a geek at heart, an Intellectual Property lawyer by trade, and an avid runner. App development appeals to Sarah because it presented the opportunity to run her own business. Her startup is focused on Windows Phone 8 exclusive apps and their mission is to create innovative apps that power the fitness of body and brain and foster a natural curiosity.

Sarah lived in Barcelona for a few months in 2009 and can’t wait to return for a visit. We’re looking forward to meeting her in person.

We liked the attention to UX in Stylist, by developer Ali Daneshmandi who is from Iran but is now based in Canada. The app is a great way to see how you might look in a new hairstyle. We like the way makes it easy it to take a selfie and scale it to see how different hair styles would look like on your head. It’s a good way to explore styles for yourself, and a great way to communicate with your stylist something new you want to try. Professional hairstylists we demonstrated the app to wanted to download it immediately.

After talking with Ali we were even more impressed. Sylist is the first Window Phone app this 29 year-old developer has released, but he tells us “UX is the most important factor in my development”. We’re looking forward to introducing him to the design experts we invited to Nokia Developer Day.

Will you be in Barcelona?

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