Countdown to MWC: Meet the developers of Extreme Music, Cover Cam, Imagine Cam and Enpass

By Kevin Sharp

February 14, 2014   Comments


As part of their prize packages for winning Nokia Create Master Missions, we’re flying developers from around the world to join us at Mobile World Congress from 24 – 27 February.

If you can join us in Barcelona, make sure you come say “Hi” to them at the Community Showcase area at Nokia Developer Day .

This week we’d like to introduce the winners flying in from Asia and the Pacific Rim:

Developer Heshan Pathirana from Sri Lanka packs a lot of functionality into his Extreme Music music player, winner of the Music Master Mission. The app is powered by Nokia MixRadio API, and we like the way Heshan keeps the initial view of the app simple for consumers and allows them to discover new features as they progress.

Heshan likes to try new things and take risks, and spends a lot of time thinking about how how to improve applications he sees and uses all the time. That’s what lead him to build Extreme Music – to see just how far he could push this common application genre. We’re looking forward to hearing what music mixes Heshan has queued up in his app

Also from Sri Lanka, developer Tharaka Wijebandara took first prize in the Image & Photo Master Mission with Facebook Cover Cam. We liked the way the app makes it easy to take a picture with your Windows Phone and create a unified Facebook profile picture and page banner.

Tharaka has a knack for “seeing the world from an app’s perspective”. One day the student at Information Technology at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, watched a friend update his Facebook cover photo and timeline header into a unified image. He loved the effect so worked in Photoshop to recreate it fo r himself and found out it was difficult if you started with the wrong images. That’s when the idea struck: What if you could see the world from the point-of-view of a Facebook timeline header when you capture a photo? That’s what Facebook Cover cam does, and we’re looking forward to hearing what other “app perspective visions” are in this developer’s mind.

Hemant Kumar and Vinod Kumar from India developed Enpass Password Manager & Information Keeper, winner of the Work Life Master mission. They wanted to solve a common problem: we all have too many passwords to manage, and every day we hear news reports of what happens when we don’t manage them well. We like the way they solved the problem, securely storing all your passwords, and even generating secure passwords for you if desired.

The two friends founded Sinew Software Systems in 2006, developing bespoke Symbian Apps for clients. In 2009 they started publishing their own apps to Nokia Store and soon hit the million-downloadmilestone. We’re looking forward to talking with them about how they see mobile devices helping keep users secure in the Internet.

Developer Phạm Phương Nguyên from Vietnam won the NFC Master Mission with Imagine Cam. He built it to allow users can tap NFC tags and quickly configure all settings for their photos including focus mode, filters, white balance, and everything else you expect in an advanced camera app for Nokia Lumia phones.

Phạm Phương Nguyênis a 24-year-old Nokia Developer Champion who’s passionate about making apps for Vietnamese users. He was a student when Windows Phone 7 was introduced, and he quickly learned the platform and shared his experience in a series of blog posts that got the attention of the local Nokia Developer team. We’re looking forward to discussing with him how the app market is growing in his area, and what types of apps he thinks local users are most interested in discovering.

All these developers have their tickets for Mobile World Congress and will get a chance to meet the other developers we’re flying in.

Will you be in Barcelona?

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