Countdown to MWC: Meet developers of Pikura, The Funnies, and Trouserheart

By Kevin Sharp

February 21, 2014   Comments

We’re flying developers from around the world to join us at Mobile World Congress next week. Some of the winning developers from North America and APAC are on their way to the airport now. Some developers from Europe we’re featuring this week won’t even need to travel to join us at the event. Will be you there? If you can join us in Barcelona, make sure you come say “Hi” to them at the Community Showcase area at Nokia Developer Day .

Nokia Create Grand Prize winners Pablo Moncunill and Joe Fernández of Pikura will come over from Madrid. We like the consumer appeal of this photo challenges app, the innovative approach they took when deciding what they wanted to create, and the way they keep adding features without cluttering up the design. The tickets to MWC are one of the prizes that they are most excited about. They had the opportunity to attend last year’s Nokia’s App Developer Conference and got inspired about Windows Phone app development. Maybe this year they will get inspired for their next outstanding app?

Developers Anna MorlansJaume and Roger Serrat Santiago from Barcelona built The Funnies, which won the Do Good Mission of Nokia Create that we ran in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). The Funnies is a game designed to be accessible to kids with visual impairment. It’s fun, the graphics are engaging, and it doesn’t dwell on the impairment. If you’ve ever wondered how to design apps that appeal to the widest possible audience, be sure to look up these developers.

Anna and Roger discovered during their university days that mobile development was what they wanted to do, so when they graduated that’s exactly what they did. And they’re already winning prizes for their work. If you’re looking for something fun to do after Mobile World Congress, catch these developers from Barcelona and ask them what they suggest.

ArtoKoistinen, the CEO and co-founder of Dicework Games in Finland, will join us. In his winning Trouserheart game, you’re a King armed with a sword chasing through your castle grounds to catch the troll who stole your trousers. We liked the creative design of the game, how fun it was to play, and it makes us laugh when we play it.

Arto started as a hobbyist game developer more than two decades ago, and started a full-time career in the business in 2007. His work focuses on programming, but he finds designing and prototyping new concepts the most fun. It’s been a long time since this Finn has been to Barcelona, and he’s psyched about returning.

Will you be in Barcelona?

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