Design Consultation: WOD Warrior

By Bernadette Barone

June 12, 2014   Comments

windows phone, ux, ui, dvlup, design, branding

A great app for Windows Phone is more like Coca-Cola than you might think.

What’s the common denominator? A powerful brand.

The need for solid branding in a mobile app is the strongest message in Episode 3 of our Design Consultations series’ current season. But don’t worry; building a strong brand need not be daunting or pricey. It can be as easy as “using a good set of colours, a simple font, and a rigid way of laying things out,” Microsoft design lead Dave Crawford tells WOD Warrior creator Darin Stromberg. Then Dave shows Darin, a step at a time, how to make it all happen.

Unless you’re Coca-Cola — or Microsoft, another of the world’s top five brands — you’re sure to pull some valuable tips from this episode.

Read the full consultation and get links to related resources that can help you with your own app here.

Then, head right over to DVLUP and take this quiz on the season’s three episodes. You’ll earn 50 DVLUP experience points (XP) just for giving us the right answers. What could be easier than that?

Our Design Consultations series examines some of the most common issues in app design and extracts key findings that can be applied to most any app. Dave has reviewed more than 2,500 Windows Phones apps over the years, so you just may learn a thing or two from him. Design consultations are available as rewards from our DVLUP programme, including an introductory one-hour consultation and the new Live Tiles and splash-screen consultation, both with the experts at Toledo Design.