DVLUP is now open to Windows Phone app developers in more than 20 countries; Adds new ‘Campaigns’ to

By fpatton

October 8, 2013   Comments

DVLUP, Nokia’s rewards program for Windows Phone app developers, is shedding its “beta” label, and entering the next phase of its own development, opening its doors to members from more than 20 countries worldwide.

With a brand new look and feel, one of the biggest changes to DVLUP is the addition of a “Campaigns” feature. This new online tool makes it easy for Windows Phone app developers to create, book and manage marketing campaigns promoting their own apps on both a local and global level.

“For the first time, developers will have a transparent path for their app to get featured in app discovery and marketing channels,” said Chanse Arrington, Global Head of Developer Business Tools at Nokia. “We feel this is a big step in creating a truly participatory and fair app ecosystem, where developers are in complete control of their own success.”

Developers can spend their experience points (XP) on app promotion using the Campaigns tool. The tool shows all the available promotional opportunities, including:

  • App placement via the Windows Phone Store and App Social;
  • Marketing campaigns (offline and online); and
  • Advertising (in-app advertising) products

These opportunities are available by country, and the various campaigns can target global, local and country specific users.

If a developer’s apps meet the promotional product requirements (based on average star rating and number of reviews in the Windows Phone Store) they can create their marketing campaign, which will then be queued for promotion.

“I tried other advertising platforms, and nothing came close to what I saw with DVLUP. I saw a 2000 percent increase in revenue, and a 4000 percent increase in downloads,” said Windows Phone developer Jeff Chappo. “It really is a way for Nokia to give back directly to developers that are producing quality applications.”

What can you get out of DVLUP? 

Since it first began nearly one year ago, DVLUP has been designed as a rewards program that follows a “gamification” model, whereby the members are encouraged to compete - with one another, and by testing themselves - earning badges and points (XP), completing quizzes and challenges related to app development, and then earning some great rewards for their hard work.

“I’ve been able to get rewards like a Surface Pro tablet that I now use on the go to write my apps. I get rewarded for what I already do, and love to do,” said Nokia Developer Ambassador Paras Wadehra. “I have totally enjoyed my participation in DVLUP, and I like logging in everyday to see what’s new.”

The rewards in DVLUP range from real-world goodies such as devices, gear and gift cards, to opportunities for members to promote their apps online, such as a week’s worth of “Spotlight” placement in either the Windows Phone Store or Nokia’s App Social at the single country or global level. Other promotional opportunities coming soon include placement in TV, print and digital campaigns, as well as in-app advertising campaigns.

Check out this short video to see how developers are making the most of DVLUP:


The more active the DVLUP member is, the more XP that can be earned, leading to eligibility for better and bigger rewards. And then the cycle continues as the DVLUP members compete in new challenges that are posted online.

Individuals may join DVLUP for free using their Windows Live ID, or Nokia account. Both Microsoft and Nokia employees are able to compete in DVLUP, too.

Finally, with this launch DVLUP is introducing a new site experience that lets developers interact with all of these new features more intuitively, whether it is from the web browser, mobile device or tablet.