Easy porting and market building with Nokia X

By noah.kravitz

May 7, 2014   Comments

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Porting to Nokia X is easy. That’s what developers around the world have been saying since we launched our Android-based platform in February. In fact, 75% of Android apps just work on Nokia X. And many of the others need only simple tweaks to existing code. As Didlr CEO Rich Holdsworth put it, “It was probably the simplest port we’ve ever done.”

From Goal.com to EA to The Weather Channel, some of the biggest names in the global app market have ported to Nokia X over the past few months. Now they’re talking not only about how easy the process is, but also about the new markets we’re helping them to reach. But don’t take our word for it; listen to the developers.

“There are huge opportunities with Nokia X,” said Martyn Jones, who oversees brand and platform partnerships for Goal.com. “It helps us fill the gap between the Asha devices and the Lumia devices. That’s a key demographic for us in terms of upgrading.”

Porting to Nokia X also opens up access to Nokia services. For Hotels.com that meant leveraging Here. “We added maps support using Nokia Here maps,” explained their Mobile Technology Lead, Maciej Matyjas. “There are some great features in there.”

Watch the video to hear more from top developers and brands on the opportunity to reach The Next Billion with Nokia X, and about leveraging Here Maps and our other services to extend your apps’ reach. Then get to work – your next big market awaits.

Our compatibility analysis tool makes it incredibly easy to get started porting your Android apps to Nokia X. Just drag and drop an existing .apk file to the Web interface and the analyser does the rest. Within moments you’ll know if your app is ready to publish, or what changes to implement first.

Use your existing code base to reach a new user base with Nokia X. Click here to analyse your Android apps and get started porting and publishing.