Embrace your future with the Lumia 530

By Noah Kravitz

August 18, 2014   Comments

windows phone 8.1, lumia 530

A few weeks ago we launched the Lumia 530, a powerful Quad-Core smartphone that’s the first device to ship with Windows Phone 8.1 pre-installed. The 530 is also incredibly affordable. That’s no accident: affordable is where the action is these days.

To wit, the Windows and Windows Phone Store trends update from this Spring highlights a few trends to keep in mind as you plan your near-term development strategies:

  • Optimize your app for affordable devices
    What’s the hottest sector for Windows Phone downloads? Affordable devices. As of February, roughly two-thirds of all Windows Phone downloads were made to low-cost devices with 512MB of RAM like the Lumia 530. In fact, it’s time to start thinking of 512 megs as the new default as you develop and update your apps. Optimize your app to perform on phones with 512MB of RAM or create an alternate version tailored to these phones.
  • Tailor your app for active download markets
    The United States is still the market with the highest number of Windows Phone downloads, but as of April it only accounts for 12% of all downloads. Looked at from the other side, nearly 9 in 10 app downloads occur outside of the U.S. In fact, more than one-third of all Windows Phone downloads take place in China, India, Vietnam and Brazil - markets where affordable devices are popular. Leverage our expanded localization support and support for Alipay, PayPal and carrier billing in markets with low credit card penetration to tailor your apps to users hungry for more great Windows Phone experiences.
  • Monetize via in-app purchases
    The Windows Blog may have said it best: “Revenue from in-app purchase using the Microsoft API is almost 50% of all the Windows Phone developer payout, and we expect the growing trend to continue.” In-app purchase now generates nearly as much revenue for Windows Phone developers as paid apps and advertising combined, accounting for some 44% of all developer payout, according to Microsoft’s latest data. Things change quickly in the mobile world, and while paid apps are certainly still a viable monetization model, the current trend is undeniably towards in-app purchase as a main revenue driver.

Lumia 530 is an excellent smartphone at an affordable price. It’s also a great way for you to reach more of the world’s active, app-hungry smartphone users. Follow the trends and develop apps that reach engaged markets, and leverage monetization models that drive results. There’s growth happening right now in key Windows Phone markets - why not tap into it?