Get your new, free Nokia Store badges

By tomek

March 21, 2014   Comments

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Just in time, the new Nokia Store badges are here to help you promote your apps and tell the world they are available on Nokia Store.

The new badges are free, and you can use them for your Web, print, email or other marketing needs.

You can pick from either of two options:

  • ‘Available for Nokia’ (in blue) for all Series 40 and Asha apps and games.
  • ‘Available for Nokia X’ (in green) for apps and games that run on the new Nokia X software platform.

Here they are:


The new badges come with a few usage rules:

  • Never run the badges smaller than 15 mm in print, 85 pixels digitally.
  • Always keep some space around them, at least 20 per cent of the badge’s height on each side.
  • Do not combine the badges with other words or phrases.
  • If used alongside the logo of another app store, make sure the Nokia Store badge is of at least equalsize.
  • In digital marketing, make sure the Nokia badge links to Nokia Store.
  • Do not modify the Nokia badges.

Otherwise, use the new Nokia badges wherever and whenever you want, and tell the world your apps are available on Nokia Store.

Also, if you need official product pictures, you will find the newest ones here.

Download the new Nokia Store badges now.