Hamish Willee, Wiki Contributor of the Month for February 2014

By Jen Jobart

March 5, 2014   Comments

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Hamish Willee (hamishwillee) has been selected as the Nokia Developer “Wiki Contributor of the Month” for February.

Hamish has created a catalog of Nokia Imaging SDK Filter Recipes - combining the inbuilt Nokia Imaging SDK filters to create “recipes” for new filters. Hamish went above and beyond the call of duty on this; working on it even after his tenure as a Nokia Developer Community Manager with Nokia had ended.

During his time with Nokia, Hamish guided the community in making the wiki a valuable source of information about developing for Nokia. Some people even regard it as the best available wiki for Windows Phone development. If you haven’t spent much time there, we encourage you to check it out; you’ll like what you see.

Hamish also had a big impact on the Nokia Developer discussion board; working behind the scenes to make sure that people got answers to their questions and found the information they needed.

We will miss Hamish. We wish him the best of luck in whatever the next chapter of his life holds. We truly appreciate all he’s done for this community.

To recognize his work on this set of imaging filter recipes, we’ll be sending Hamish a Lumia 925, along with 2000 DVLUP XP!

Please join me in congratulating Hamish here.