And the Imagin8 Mission winners are…

By Noah Kravitz

June 4, 2014   Comments

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Earlier this year, at Mobile World Congress, we launched Imagin8 Mission, a competition that encouraged you to be creative and have fun with the Nokia Imaging SDK . Yesterday we announced the winner of the best #spaceselfie award – congratulations again to Vinza V. Lukman! - and today, after a lengthy and careful review, we’re finally revealing the names of the most outstanding apps that will receive the app development award prizes:

Without further ado… (drumroll please!)

Winner: Kids Story Builder by Jared Homes, from Australia.

Jared created Kids Story Builder for his own daughters’ use, and the result is a modern take on storytelling that lets users easily weave images, text and sound together to tell their tales. We loved the app’s creative concept, which really made this app stand out from the crowd, and its ease of use.

1st runner up: 4Blend HDR by Sebastiano Galazzo, from Italy.

Sebastiano took the popular HDR photo technique and brought it to a whole new level in 4Blend HDR. The judges appreciated the technical feat of capturing four separate images and blending them into an HDR photo, as well as the app’s refined design and flow.

2nd runner up: Momento by Madina Technologies, from Indonesia.

Momento lets you add details, filters, framing options and even stickers to photos captured with your Windows Phone device. The judges praised Momento for its creativity, functionality, and eye-catching design. The app was also lauded for its social nature: with Momento you can save your pictures locally or to OneDrive, and easily share them across your social networks.

This isn’t all! Special congratulations are also in order to the winners of the promotion that we ran in April. The winners of the prizes for being the 1st valid submission entered between April 23rd and 29th are:

  • santronix, with Photo Magic - will get a Nokia Lumia 1020
  • andrew-j-byrne, with Imagefusion - will get a Monster Purity Pro headset
  • iatef, with Pic_a_Pic - will get a Lumia 925
  • dammen, for Blix - will get a Lumia 1020
  • nguyenan4491, with Simple Gif - will get a Monster Purity Pro headset
  • jared, with Kids Story Builder - will get a Lumia 625

The developers of the 1st valid entries submitted into each of the nine Imagin8 Mission challenges who will be rewarded with a Monster Purity Pro headset are:

  • gagn, with Inspirational quotes and blur effect
  • ncv, with Super Filter
  • lowwwe, with Wish you were here
  • santronix, with Comixy
  • gokul_sg, with Pic Mosaic
  • mafue, with Passport Stamps
  • mittring, with Fake your holiday
  • alrezza, with Animator
  • nguyenan4491, with ColorBlender

Big congratulations again to all the winners!