Introducing Nokia Lumia 530 and unlocking more opportunity for you

By Noah Kravitz

July 23, 2014   Comments

nokia lumia 530

Today we are extremely happy to welcome a new member to the Nokia Lumia family – Nokia Lumia 530. The Nokia Lumia 530 is an easy to use quad-core smartphone running the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. This powerful, reliable and low cost Lumia features a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 5 MP camera and 4-inch display.

A Dual SIM version, Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM, has also been announced. Perfectly positioned as a consumer’s first true smartphone, Nokia Lumia 530 offers a great browsing experience with IE11 hardware accelerated graphics and HTML5 support, and you can develop universal Windows apps to run on Lumia 530. Supported operating bands vary depending on the country/region where the device is available.

Optimize Your Apps for Lower-Memory Devices

Lower-memory devices like Lumia 530 are the baseline, not the exception, as they bring a true smartphone experience to price points within the reach of more users globally. Make sure you’re reaching every potential customer by tailoring all of your apps to run smoothly on the 530 and other WP8 devices with 512MB RAM.

  • Check out what some popular developers are already doing on Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB of RAM:

  • Creating great experiences for lower-memory devices means smart code and smart choices when it comes to thing like graphics and audio use and transitions. Follow this guide to optimizing your apps

Localize your apps

Growing smartphone adoption around the world means differences in languages, user expectations, and carrier/other technical requirements. Localizing content will enhance user experience and maximize downloads in regions across the globe:

Broader Reach, More Users

Nokia Lumia 530 offers a true smartphone experience that’s within reach of more consumers than ever before. Developing for Lumia 530 opens the door to new markets and new users, and we can’t wait to see the amazing experiences you bring to them.