Java to Nokia X - porting plus points

By Peter Krass

July 15, 2014   Comments

nokia x, java, dvlup

You already know how quick and easy it is to port most Android apps and games to our Nokia X phones. But did you know you can also port apps and games written in Java?

That’s right, your J2ME games and apps can be easily ported to Nokia X with help from a set of bridging libraries. Learn how from this wiki article.

And then get ready for some XP to reward your efforts, courtesy of DVLUP.

Port your Java content to Nokia X and you can earn valuable experience points (XPs) from two new Challenges in our DVLUP developer loyalty program. In fact, the more apps you submit, the more XPs you will earn — up to 3,000 XPs per challenge. Then you can redeem DVLUP XP for valuable rewards including advertising credit, gift cards, and even new devices.

To be eligible, your app or game must be ported to Nokia X and published to Nokia Store by 15 September 2014. The Java version of the same app or game must be published in Nokia Store, too.

That gives you only two months. So what are you waiting for? Check out DVLUP’s Java to Nokia X App Challenge and Java Games Challenge now. And for more details, see this DVLUP blog post. And then start porting your Java apps and games to Nokia X!