Lunagames delivers "Daily feel good moments"

By fpatton

November 28, 2013   Comments

We all need a break from the daily grind. That’s why developer Lunagames delivers consumers “daily feel good moments” through a variety of free-to-play games for mobile phones and tablets. The Netherlands-based company focuses on creating games that offer short moments of entertainment – ideal for your morning commute or waiting for an appointment. And it’s working quite well for them! The company, which develops specifically for the Java platform, has more than 100 apps in the Nokia store today with a combined total of more than 150 million downloads! So how’d they do it?

Developing for Java and Asha 501

Thanks to a great user experience and its ubiquity among developers, Java was a no-brainer for Lunagames. The platform is intuitive and easy to use.  Furthermore, it provides a superb user experience on feature phones. This is key because the company focuses on emerging markets, such as Brazil, Mexico, India, and Africa that have not yet adopted smartphone devices.

With Java, the company’s development cycles for its Java-based games can be as short as three weeks. Pretty fast, right? Well, the company saves crucial development time by utilizing a couple of tools provided by Nokia. One is the Emulator, which enables developers to debug the code easily in the early stages of development, resolving most initial bugs and design problems. The other is the Remote Device Access (RDA) tool, which enables the company to test their apps remotely on various Nokia devices. CTO Jean-Marc Huijskens noted that the tool enables them “to test our games on all devices just like having them [physically] in the office.” With RDA, they can remotely control a device, install and run applications, transfer files and analyze log files in real time. Oh, and these tools are free to all Nokia Developer members!

A Helping (Local) Hand

As the company looked internationally for growth, Lunagames tapped into local Nokia marketing teams to gain insights.

“We are a Dutch-based company and we like to look at the outside world, but we had a limited view of local markets,” said Lunagames CEO Richard Hazenberg. “By working with Nokia, we’ve got a far better understanding of local markets and the opportunities there.  With this knowledge, we could really localize products to match cultures.”

In each local market, Nokia also helped Lunagames’ apps gain additional exposure via the Store, boosting overall downloads.

“If you want to reach a large amount of consumers with your product, I think the Nokia Store is the place to be,” said Hazenberg. “There is a just tremendous amount of download volume there.  It’s just been amazing to see the amount of downloads we are doing across a single app and certainly across all apps together. We believe it’s an underrated platform because the reach is just tremendous.”

On average, Lunagames sees about 300,000 to 400,000 downloads a day via the Nokia Store worldwide.

What’s next for Lunagames?

The company will continue producing quality, free-to-play games for Asha devices and work closely with Nokia to expand into additional markets to give people those daily feel-good moments!