Artifex Mundi: Mastering the art of hidden-object games

By fpatton

November 7, 2013   Comments

With attention to detail displayed on every screen, Artifex Mundi crafts highly engaging puzzle-based adventure games that appeal to casual gamers worldwide. The Poland-based company has found its niche, and perhaps like one of the detectives in their games, they are following a trail that is leading to great success in the Windows Phone Store, as you can see in this video interview from Nokia Developer:

After doing work for U.S.-based Big Fish Games, in 2010 they were ready to start work on their own self-funded game. The resulting product, Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, was a hit, making it possible for them to continue to develop their own games.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Artifex Mundi launches its games on all possible platforms. “We choose to develop for Windows Phone 8 after our great success on Windows 8,” says Kamil Urbanek, CTO at Artifex. Artifex Mundi has four games in the Windows Phone Store today, including free trials that give gamers a chance to play for an hour, and games are localized in different languages, including the major European languages, Portuguese for the Brazilian market, and Chinese, too. Currently, the most popular market for their games happens to be in China.

The company’s most successful game to date is “Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart”, but all four games perform well. Together, they have over 1 million downloads, and have sold over 40,000 copies. All of the games have a darker, sometimes spookier themes, adding to the sense of mystery that draws players forward through the story.

What’s next for Artifex Mundi? “We are currently launching a bunch of new games, and we will surely launch them on Windows Phone.” This includes a sequel for Nightmares from the Deep to end the trilogy, as well as a sequel to Enigmatis. They expect to launch one new game every three months or so, which should keep all of the hidden-object adventure fans out there busy for a very long time.

If you want to learn more, check out the Artifex Mundi website. You can also sign up to be a beta tester for them, and try their games ahead of general release.