Nokia Create competition news: Victors, ticking clocks and reminders.

By fpatton

November 27, 2013   Comments

As with our last update, there is much news to be shared!

Mini Missions 3 & 4 winners announced

Setting aside our awesome cameras and our deep-seated love for NFC pairing in Mini Missions 1 & 2, we turned our attention to judging the next phase of the competition. Mini Mission 3 asked you to update your existing app utilizing HERE APIs or use the HERE app launchers to add location functionality to your apps. Mini Mission 4 was about taking advantage of the Nokia Music APIs (now called Nokia MixRadio APIs) to deliver music content like charts, gigs, and mixes within your existing app. Luckily, no Nokia employees were lost during the testing of these apps and only minor injuries were sustained on the dance floor.

Much-deserved congratulations go out to…

Mini Mission 3 – Maps & Places:


Palmipedo FREE, by Maurizio Gaj from Italy

This app is a great example of a tourist guide, which takes advantage of the HERE Platform, offering not only mapping, but also routing and guidance services. As those capabilities also work in off-line mode, it’s an ideal application for people to discover the region without risking a high roaming bill. We would love to see this concept expanded to cover other areas in the world.

Runners up (in alphabetical order):

Mini Mission 4 - Music:


Car Starter, by Rob Irving from the United States

We were really impressed with the creativity shown with Car Starter taking the Nokia Music APIs (now MixRadio APIs) along with Windows Phone Voice Commands to make something really useful that enhances our product with a simple driver-friendly UI.

Runners up (in alphabetical order):

Congratulations to all the winners! Download these apps and find out why we liked them.

Mini Mission 5 & 6 close on Friday, November 29th

Mini Missions 5 & 6 will be ending at midnight PST on Friday. We hope you all submitted your Big Screen and Localization updates in time, and that everything goes through. Judging will begin posthaste.

All Masters and Do Good Missions close Friday, December 15th

We hope you’ve been working hard on your new apps for the Master Missions and on creating some amazing experiences for people with low vision that you will enter into the Do Good Mission, as the deadline for both is rapidly approaching!

Messages in the Nokia Create portal

Please make sure you keep an eye on your Nokia Create submissions portal. There might be some messages there for you and we’d love to hear back.

Windows Phone Design Consultations

Hard at work putting the final spit polish on your apps for the Master and Do Good Missions? You will be well served in checking out our new Windows Phone Design Consultation series, where Microsoft UX guru Dave Crawford gives helpful tips on really making your apps shine. You want to make your app pretty to impress the judges, don’t you?

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