Nokia Create competition news: Winners, deadlines and announcements.

By fpatton

October 31, 2013   Comments

We have lots to cover, so let’s begin!

Mini Missions 1 & 2 winners announced

After many long and enjoyable nights reviewing your submissions, we’re happy to announce the winners for the Nokia Create Mini Missions 1 and 2. Mini Mission 1 challenged you to add new features to existing apps using the Nokia Imaging SDK. Mini Mission 2 offered prizes to the best additions of NFC functionality to an existing app.

So, drum roll please…

Mini Mission 1:


Pikura, by Joe Fernandez from Spain

The interesting concept of the Pikura app helped it stand out from the crowd—allowing users to create and participate in photo challenges. Joe used the Imaging SDK to add some artistic filters and we hope that soon he’ll harness the full power of the SDK to provide a larger collection of exciting filters.

Runners up:

Galleries, by Thomas Tsopanakis, from Greece

Monster Cam, by Yan Verdavaine, from France

Peregrine, by Morten Nielsen from US

LockScreenPlus, by Cristovao Morgado from Portugal

QuickScan, by Engin Kirmaci from Turkey

Photo Light, by Igor Ralic from Croatia

Colorify, by Asli Turgut from US

Mini Mission 2:


Counter-Strike C4, by Martin Zikmund from Czech Republic

We really like Martin’s use of NFC and how Counter-Strike C4 turns two phones into devices you play a game with, instead of using them to play a game on.

Runners up:

Schlüsselbund (KeyRing), by Thomas Schmidt from Germany

Talking notes by Yan Sun from Australia

Pathlight Bible, by Derek Bailey from US

WNM Live, by Brian Hamachek from US

SMS Ticket, by Martin Suchan from Czech Republic

4 Pics 1 Word, by Brock Dodgson from Canada

Big congratulations to all the winners! Download them and see why we were impressed.

Mini Missions 3 & 4 end tonight

Mini Missions 3 & 4 will be ending today, at midnight PST. We hope you all submitted your Maps & Places and Music updates in time and that they have all gone though certification by now. We will start judging straight away and will be announcing the winners in November.

Introducing Mini Missions 5 & 6

The Mini Missions are coming in thick and fast and we’re wasting no time by introducing the final two:

Mini Mission 5 – Big Screen

As you have all probably heard by now, we announced our first big screen devices at Nokia World last week. Make sure you are ready to benefit from this expanded opportunity by optimizing your apps for the new Nokia Lumia 1520 and its 6” 1080p screens. To get started, sign up for next week’s Lumia App Lab webinar, where you will learn what you can do to make your apps look their best on large, high resolution displays.

Mini Mission 6 – Localization

This Mini Mission is about world domination! Make your app available in one additional language and you will be able to target more consumers with your app.

The deadline for entering these last two Mini Missions is 29 November. Remember that your updated apps need to be in Windows Phone Store by that deadline.

For more information about the Missions, prizes and resources to help you with your development please visit

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