Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition a success

By BuildNokia

January 13, 2014   Comments

Tiltshift Filter

The Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 has come to an end, and was a landslide success!

The competition entries covered a variety of creative and useful topics: writing and using filters, adapting apps to varying screen sizes and DPIs, creating special effects with images, coding tricks, testing ideas, and more.

Over the month of December, the submitted wiki entries got a combined total of more than 25,000 page views.  That’s a lot of people who read those wikis and got new ideas for applications, new coding approaches, solutions to problems, and various fun tips and tricks.  And that’s just the beginning; no doubt people will benefit from these articles for a long time to come, and as they do so, will continue to evolve the articles even more.

To create these articles, many of our best, most creative developers donated months of their spare time; experimenting, coding, and then wikifying the results while simultaneously jugging their day jobs, their loved ones, and their hobbies.  We recognize that all of you worked very hard on your entries, and the results show it!

To everyone who generously donated your creativity, time, and talent to take part in this competition: thank you.  You are the people who make this community what it is.

We have some great ideas for more wiki competitions coming up in 2014.  Look to this space for details coming soon!