Nokia Store Content Guidelines updated

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Nokia Store Content Guidelines — Version 2.0

Nokia is implementing age rating to all new and updated content published in Nokia Store, to ensure child protection in mobile devices and the mobile internet. This version of the Content Guidelines contains new requirements concerning the content to be submitted, including Nokia age rating guidelines and what Nokia considers to be sensitive or forbidden content in Nokia Store.

There is also change to supported content types, as Nokia is focusing support and investment in new content toward Asha and Windows Phone. Starting January 1, 2014, it is not possible to publish new content or update existing content for Symbian and MeeGo in Nokia Store. Therefore all requirements concerning those platforms has been removed from the document.

All newly submitted content and content updates must adhere to the version 2.0 of the Content Guidelines starting from January 1, 2014.

Version 2.0 of the Content Guidelines is currently in effect and available in English. The localized versions will be available later.

Version 1.4 is available in these languages:

For more detailed information about Nokia’s privacy requirements, see Nokia Privacy Requirements for Mobile Applications.

The guidelines describe:

  • what Nokia considers to be inappropriate, in areas like nudity, violence, religion, politics, intellectual property, and privacy
  • technical requirements for different content types, in areas like accepted file formats, maximum file sizes, operational requirements, and app signing

For country and operator restrictions, see Publishing Restrictions.

Revision policy

The Content Guidelines are generally updated on a quarterly basis. Please bookmark this page and check for new updates as they are published.

Related information

See the Nokia Publisher Guide for information about how to use the Nokia Publish web site, the process by which Nokia reviews submitted content (in How we test content), and any requirements for individual metadata fields (in the Appendices).




1.5版内容规范 即可已经生效并且提供英文版本。各本地化语言版本将在稍后提供。


更多有关诺基亚隐私要求的细节,请参见 Nokia Privacy Requirements for Mobile Applications.


  • 诺基亚认为不恰当的行为:例如裸露,暴力,宗教,政治,知识产权和隐私等方面的问题;

  • 针对不同类型的内容的技术要求:文件格式,文件大小,运行状态以及应用程序签名等问题。

有关国家和运营商的限制,请参考 国家与运营商限制.




请参见发布者指南 Nokia Publisher Guide 获取更多有关如何使用Nokia Publish站点,Nokia审核流程,以及各元数据要求(见附录).