Nokia X is ready for your Android Apps!

By Kevin Sharp

February 24, 2014   Comments

We’re happy to announce that Nokia X is now ready for your apps!

Nokia X is a new developer platform made to run Android apps, including yours. It’s an easy, risk-free way to turn your Android app on to a whole new user base without adding to your code base.

We’re excited to be able to deliver your Android applications on Nokia X smartphones. If you’re as ready as we are, head over to Nokia Publish now to get started—it should only take a few minutes to test and submit your app. (Note that if your app uses Google Cloud Messaging, Google Maps, or Google In-App Billing, you will need to migrate to our APIs[ link] for those services.)

If you want to learn more before jumping in, check out five simple reasons why you should publish your Android app to Nokia Store now.

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