Nokia X2: a compelling opportunity for developers

By Peter Krass

July 8, 2014   Comments

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It’s been only two months since Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services businesses. But already the combined new company has launched its second-gen device for the affordable smartphone market with the Nokia X2 and Nokia X software platform 2.0.

Appealing to developers’ technical side, the Nokia X2 brings an upgraded operating system based on version 4.3 of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) software. This delivers both new access to API level 18 (Jelly Bean) services and support for the Microsoft services layer of Skype, Outlook, Bing, and OneDrive.

Developers should also find porting Android apps to the Nokia X2 easy and quick. Nokia X can run hundreds of thousands of Android apps, and many existing APKs may be ready for publication on Nokia Store as is. For those apps that do need modification, developers can get a plugin package that includes the services APIs and Nokia X emulator.

The new Nokia X2 will also appeal to developer’s commercial interests. First of all, the market is huge: Android powers some 80 percent of all smartphones installed, according to ABI Research; in the last quarter alone, that meant global shipments of nearly 300 million Android phones. Also, monetization tools such as Nokia In-App Payment, combined with an extensive operator-billing network, mean developers can easily convert Nokia X2 apps into revenue. Nokia Store is active in some 60 countries, working with more than 160 operators worldwide; native language content is offered to 90 percent of Nokia Store users worldwide. And promotional programs, such as DVLUP, offer developers new and powerful opportunities to expand their markets.

Let’s not forget the new Nokia X2 itself. It’s one impressive phone, sporting a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and auto-focus, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and a full gigabyte of memory, expandable with memory cards up to 32 GB. The phone also runs Fastlane, a feature that remembers the user’s favourite apps and services to offer quick service. The enhanced interface offers an intuitive user experience, and a ClearBlack display delivers especially vibrant colours. Designed for affordable smartphone buyers and feature phone upgraders, the Nokia X2 retails for just 99 euros (before taxes and subsidies), helping developers open new markets for their existing apps.

Put it all together, and the new Nokia X2 represents a strong commitment and compelling opportunity for mobile developers worldwide.