Revised pricing for Nokia Store in India brings further value to consumers, while business opportuni

By akozak

September 24, 2013   Comments


Nokia will optimize pricing in Nokia Store in India to streamline price points. Price points will grow from 5 INR to the maximum of 250 INR. As part of Nokia’s focus on driving the best possible consumer experience in Nokia Store, the pricing structure for pay-per-download content items purchased from Nokia Store India will be changed, effective October 1, 2013. The new pricing structure will see the cost of content items optimized to increase revenue and to better align with market conditions. We believe these changes will provide new opportunities to further grow your business in a key growth market.

Content items are categorized according to price band, or ‘bucket’, and we recommend that you check your current price band allocations to ensure your items are correctly categorized within the new pricing structure.

The new pricing structure and content items categories are listed in the Billing Matrix document. The latest version of Billing Matrix includes also many other updates, for example, pricing has been updated for most countries in price points #12 - #14. Please see the revision history for more information.

If you wish to adjust the current price categorization for your items, you will find full instructions in the Publisher Guide document. If you have any questions, or would like additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact the Nokia Publishing Support Team at

Nokia将优化诺基亚商店在印度的价格点。价格点将从5INR多到最多250INR。作为Nokia关注的在提升诺基亚商店的用户体验计划之一,从印度诺基亚商店每下载付费的内容的价格结构将进行调整,从2013年10月1日起实行。 新的价格将可通过优化内容的费用来增加收入并更适合当前的市场形势。我们坚信这将为您的业务在主要市场带来新的增长机会。


新的价格构架和内容分类将在 Billing Matrix 文档中提供 。最新的Billing Matrix版本还包括许多其他更新,例如 大多数国家的价格点#12-#15对应的售价被更新。请参见修正历史记录已获得更多信息。 如果您希望为您的产品调整价格分类,请参见发布指南 Publisher Guide 中的详细指导。

如果您有任何问题,或者需要更多帮助,请联系诺基亚发布支持 .