Using Nokia In-app Payments to monetize Asha apps

By Kevin Sharp

January 28, 2014   Comments

The release of Nokia In-App Payment enables developers to sell digital content to consumers from within Nokia Asha and Series 40 Developer Platform applications. You can create and sell durable goods (for example new game levels) or consumable goods (for example weapons that expire or digital currency.) Either way Nokia In App Payment is designed from the ground up to encourage users to spend more on your digital goods, let you keep more of what your users spend, and reach the broadest possible market around the world.

  • Consumers spend more when the buying experience is easy and comfortable. The easy Nokia In App Payment flow allows one-click purchases to minimize sales friction. There are no Java prompts or security warnings to make consumers abandon their purchase. The comfortable process carries the Nokia brand and supports direct operator billing (no credit card required.)
  • You keep more with the best revenue split in the market (70 / 30 for operator billing). No hidden fees, no revenue-sucking middlemen.
  • You reach more consumers with the huge reach of Nokia Asha platform and operator billing in 61 countries across 163 operators.

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