Vserv and DVLUP partner to help your apps generate more revenue

By Noah Kravitz

August 27, 2014   Comments

windows phone, revenue, monetization, dvlup

DVLUP and Vserv have teamed up on a series of DVLUP challenges designed to help your apps generate more revenue across more parts of the world, earning you valuable XP in the process. The first two Vserv DVLUP challenges are live now, and more are in the works.

Microsoft has partnered with the four year-old company previously, engaging Windows phone developers through initiatives including the Nokia DVLUP challenge and developer workshops in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India and United Kingdom. I had the chance to pick the brain of David Yin, GM, Global Developer Alliances for Vserv.mobi regarding his company’s offerings and – more importantly – what Vserv.mobi can do for you.

“Vserv.mobi is a mobile advertising exchange across emerging markets that maximizes the value of mobile media for advertisers, developers, publishers and telecom operators,” David explained. “We have delivered mobile advertising experiences for leading Fortune 500 brands & digital media companies, across 200 countries.”

Like Microsoft, Vserv has a strong focus when it comes to empowering developers serving the next billion smartphone users. The DVLUP partnership follows that focus, explained Nisha Sukumaran, Product Manager for Microsoft. “Vserv is offering Ad credits to Windows Phone developers through DVLUP Campaigns to promote their mobile apps globally on the Vserv Ad exchange,” she said.

“This should significantly help developers increase downloads globally,” added Yin. Devs should also stand to benefit from Vserv’s regional presences across all parts of the world. “With a strong local developer alliances team based in local countries, developers can easily reach out and get up to speed with Vserv’s latest offers as well as request expertise in the mobile apps ads space, both locally and globally,” Yin said.

Vserv.mobi is powered by two platforms, AudiencePro and AppWrapper. AudiencePro leverages privacy compliant Telco subscriber data and user profiling, to enable credible audience targeting capabilities on the Vserv.mobi advertising exchange. AppWrapper is an independent platform that brings “One Click” integration of SDKs for app developers across advertising, in-app purchases, analytics, bug tracking and more.

These twin technologies have powered Vserv’s growth to date. But what of the future? Again, Yin points to the next billion.

“According to a Gartner report released in Jan 2014, mobile advertising is expected to grow to $42Bn in 2017, with most of the growth generated in the emerging markets,” he explained. “A relentless focus on user experience, keeping abreast with current trends in the apps space, growing downloads via mobile advertising and Microsoft & Vserv’s efforts to empower partners, should ensure great success over time for developers.”

Try Vserv.mobi with your existing Windows Phone 8 apps and earn up to 2,250 XP across two DVLUP challenges:

To learn more about Vserv, visit Vserv.mobi.