XP Doubled for Nokia X Challenges on DVLUP

By Noah Kravitz

May 23, 2014   Comments

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The reasons to develop for Nokia X keep getting better and better. New challenges on DVLUP are available, and we’ve doubled the XP you’ll earn for completing them! With Rewards available starting at 250 XP – and even lower in some countries – your work developing for Nokia X can net you all sorts of valuable goodies faster than ever.

New Apps & Games Challenges

DVLUP is stocked with new Nokia X challenges focusing on apps and games. Right now you can earn 200 XP for publishing an existing Android app on Nokia X. The compatibility analysis tool makes it so easy to test your .apk files, and so many Android apps just work on X, that this is almost like giving away XP! If your existing Android app is is a game you’ll earn another 200 XP for publishing, and apps using the Nokia In-App Payment API qualify for 350 XP. So if you’ve got a game that uses in-app payments, you could rack up a cool 750 XP when you port and publish it to Nokia X. That’s enough for a spotlight on the Nokia X Store and $20 worth of gift cards, or any number of other Rewards.

API and Category Challenges

There are plenty of other Nokia X challenges on DVLUP right now, including API-centered challenges. Work with the In-App, Maps and Notification APIs to boost the functionality and monetization potential of your apps, and rack up XP in the process. And don’t forget that we’re always running category challenges to target different types of apps users are hungry for. The current category challenges for qualifying regions are:

  • Earn 300 XP for publishing an existing Android Education app to Nokia X
  • Earn 300 XP for publishing an existing Android Transportation app to Nokia X

Publish First, Register Second

To take advantage of these and other opportunities, publish your apps to the Nokia X store first, and then register for DVLUP. Earned XP will be credited to your new DVLUP account. And again, we’ve doubled XP and Rewards are available from 250 XP (even lower in some countries). What are you waiting for? Register for DVLUP and tackle some challenges today.