Xtreme Coding: Nokia X takes to the air

By Peter Krass

July 2, 2014   Comments

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How easy is it to publish Android apps to our Nokia X platform? Easy enough that one developer did it in less than six minutes — while drifting on a paraglider over a mountain in Brazil.

It was all part of our new Xtreme Coding Challenge, which gets developers to publish Android apps to Nokia Store in extreme conditions, showing how easy and fast working with Nokia X can be. For this challenge, developer Jackson Feijó was equipped with a custom-built laptop harness outfitted with a 3G dongle. He boarded his paraglider on Pedra Bonita, a mountain outside Rio de Janeiro, and took off from an altitude of about 520 meters. During his six-minute flight, Jackson checked his application’s compatibility with Nokia X using our analyser webpage; approximately 75 percent of Android apps are already compatible with Nokia X, and Jackson’s was one of them.

Next, Jackson started the publishing process by going to Nokia Publish and logging in to his account. He entered his app’s metadata and uploaded the APK files. Still gliding through the sky above Tijuca National Park, he finished up by clicking Submit to send his app for Nokia Store quality-assurance testing. In just five steps and less than six minutes, his Xtreme Coding Challenge was completed, and his app was in Nokia Store!

Now Jackson’s app is available on Nokia X in more than 70 countries, and with operator billing from 165 operators in 62 countries. Downloads of Nokia X apps are growing by more than 25 per cent a week. And Nokia X is now the top-selling smartphone in its price range in Russia, Nigeria, and Kenya; the top-selling smartphone of any type in Pakistan; and the third-best-seller across India.

Check out Jackson’s midair development adventure in our new Nokia X2 Xtreme Coding Challenge video.