Champion benefits

Champion Status

Nokia Developer Champions earn elevated professional profile and status, access to sponsored events, invitations to pilot programs, and participation in Nokia Developer Advisory Council activities. Champions also have the right to display the Champions Identifier on their website or blog, and to note their status in their LinkedIn profile and other social media environments.

Welcome package with free device

All new members of the Nokia Developer Champion community receive a complimentary Nokia device and Nokia Developer Champion diploma. Once you become a member, you can order your welcome package, including the free device on the Champion Service Portal.

If you qualify for the Champions Program for more than one year, you will be able to order one new device each additional year you earn Champion status.

Points and rewards

The most active Nokia Developer Champions receive recognition for their continued community support and evangelism efforts in the form of Champion Points. Reach certain thresholds, and you’ll be publicly recognized for your efforts.

Earn and use points

Opportunities and Support for Developer Events

Nokia Developer Champions are encouraged to leverage the opportunities in engaging and networking with developers through hosting developer meet-ups and webinars, giving speeches at developer events and conducting technical trainings. Depending on the location, focus, and size of the audience, Nokia may be able to provide sponsorship help. Check out the Champions Opportunities and Support page for more details.

Technical Support

Nokia Developer Champions are entitled to submit two (2) technical support cases free of charge during their one-year membership.

Mini-loan services

Champions may borrow selected Nokia devices, free of charge, for their own application testing and learning purposes.

Linking the Champions with local Nokia teams

Nokia Developer Champions are able to build close ties with local Nokia teams and may receive invitations to key events.