Community Tools for Champions


The Nokia Developer Blogs provide a platform for developers and others who are interested in development of mobile applications or publishing of content for Nokia devices.

Nokia Developer Champions have an exclusive opportunity among the Nokia Developer Community to blog on the Nokia Developer website. We encourage Nokia Developer Champions to be active bloggers — posting blog entries regularly and responding in a timely way to comments that readers make on their blogs.

Being an active blogger is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from other elite members of the world’s largest mobile developer community. It’s also a great way to serve as a community leader and to earn prestige for yourself (and your employer).

Consider establishing a blog presence on Nokia Developer Community now, if you haven’t done so already. As a prospective or established Nokia Developer blogger, you may want to review Terms and Conditions about publishing content on Nokia Developer website.

Alternatively, if you have a personal blog we can aggregate it.

Contact to get started with blogging.

Champions discussion board

If you wish to share certain information or thoughts with your fellow Champions, post them to the Champions private discussion board. Please note that only current Champions and Nokia employees have access to this board.

Getting to know your fellow Champions

Nokia Developer Champions form a strong and supportive community. Check out your fellow Champions from the Current Champions page.